3 Tips For Buying Sunglasses

When you’re in the market for sunglasses be sure to consider these three factors. First, eye protection is the number one reason for wearing your shades. Secondly, you’ll want a cool stylish pair and lastly, they should be comfortable to wear.

Since eye protection should be your number one reason for wearing rectangle sunglasses, be sure to check for the level of UV ray protection on the pair or pairs you’re considering. The experts agree that 99-100% protection from UVA and UVB radiation is a must when purchasing sunglasses.

Another thing to consider for your eye protection is the shape of the frame. Many sunglasses today have a wrap-around design that will block the sun from the sides of your face. These can offer greater protection than smaller framed glasses.

Next up for consideration is the style of your eye wear. Of course many of us just want to go out and get a pair like our favorite celebrity or sports hero wears. What we should be doing is choosing frames that flatter the shape of our face and not pick what everyone else wears.

If you have a round face you don’t want to be wearing round glasses. The best styles are those that are the opposite of our own facial shape. So for round faces, square or oval frames are the better choice. Folks with long or narrow shape faces will look best in round frames and those with oval faces get to choose any style they like.

Now let’s talk about eye comfort and fit. Look for polarized lenses for the greatest eye comfort. These type lenses reduce the glare from sun reflection on water, snow and other surfaces. There’s nothing worse than trying to navigate somewhere and have the glare keep hampering your view.

As for fit, when you’re picking out your sunglasses be sure to notice how they feel when you try them on. I know most of us just want to be sure we look good and don’t think so much about how comfortable the frames are. But it’s a good idea to pay attention to how the nose piece rests on the bridge of our nose and if the side pieces fit gently over our ears.

So let’s be smart shoppers and consider these tips when we’re in the market for new sunglasses. We’ll have our eyes protected, be comfortable in our new shades and look stylish, too.



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