5 New Social Media Tactics to Incorporate Into Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is a very dynamic field that is witnessing change almost every six months. A technique that might have worked wonders for your business marketing mix might have become old fashioned by now. You need to keep looking for newer and fresher techniques to get your businesses high up and keep it there for long. Let us have a look at 5 vital marketing techniques that were a huge hit in 2012-13 but aren’t effective anymore.


    • Influencer marketing might have been a great success in the past, yet the technique does not hold value much now, as there is no set technique for this kind of social media marketing. In fact, sometimes this technique might backfire if you have quoted influencers who do not have much experience in the relevant industry. Instead, try using quality aspect in place of club house followers quantity. Before linking somebody else’s quote or content to yours, analyse whether it will be beneficial for our readers. If the answer is yes, go ahead. This way, whether the influencer notices or promotes your content or not, your content will hit the right audience. Remember to keep the post high quality and limit the number of people you link your post. In all probable cases, if your content is good, the influencer will promote it no matter what.


    • Making your social media policy long and boring can often leave your employees confused. More the clauses and provisions, more your employees feel under strict vigilance and less do they think out of the box. Choose to make your policy short and to-the-point, thus getting right to your employees. Keep your social media policy straight forward and employee oriented. This way, it gives your employees a freedom to express themselves amid set guidelines. This in turn, may transform them into passionate brand advocates for your business. In recent social media policy reports, encouraging your employees with minimum policy clause makes them about 31% more active in posting positive comments about the business and 24% more likely to promote your products. In addition, word of mouth publicity is the best-known publicity. Trusting your employees will lead in their families and friends looking up to your brand. Try to make a policy keeping your employees in the loop. All employees working together can give out better figures and follow best practices without any doubt about the policy. Making them a part of the processes will more likely have more employees to buy in your ideas and fish out fresh ideas of their own. This will also encourage genuine positive posts from them instead of forced ones.


    • While texts and images have worked so far in engaging audiences, social videos are catching up like wild fire. Many readers do not have the patience to read a full piece about your product. Even the image might not give a clear idea about a product. With increasing social media awareness, it is reported that almost 25% of people lose interest in a brand that does not have a video of their products. Unfortunately, very few brands have adapted this new trend. According to industry reports, about 69% of the internet traffic will be taken over by videos by the next year. This is surely a confirmation that social videos are going to hit on more consumers than any other form. Introduce integrated video into your content marketing strategy. This will take your content a notch up and increase awareness as well as excitement level of the consumers. Creating customized content for each platform maximises a video’s potential.


    • Sending your followers an automated message sends a wrong message about the brand and their concern for the consumers. Without any personalization, an automated message is usually lost on the consumer and pushes them back from the brand. This tells a lot about how the brand takes their customers. Instead, try sending personalised messages that is meaningful and can promote actions from your followers. Liking and tweeting their content is one way of showing appreciation. If they mention your brand in their content, send a personal reply. This will speak volumes about your brand and their place with the business. This strategy does require more effort, time and energy yet it is one of the effective social media marketing techniques that many brands are taking up fast. Get to know your followers, develop a relationship and take it slow so that they stick with you for the longest time.


  • Every good piece of content takes up effort and hard work. This naturally culminates into the want for the post to be seen by as many as possible. The brands might even ask their contacts to post the content into their networks. This often puts them in an awkward position. This might create a feeling of confusion and resentment among contacts if they do not totally agree with what the content propagates or says. It might be different in view of their own marketing strategy or brand. In this way, you might get more likes and views, but your professional relationship with these contacts might take a hit. Instead, make your content as relevant as shareable as possible. If your piece of content brings arousal and dominance with it, it is sure to go viral. String positive emotions are sure to rack up more views and likes and be shared without even you having to ask for it.


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