Five Secrets to Keeping the Love in a Relationship Alive

Have you ever known a couple in a relationship whose life seems lived together in a state of love and harmony? Who even after many years, still seem like newlyweds?

So do you believe that such a perfect loving relationship can exist and survive the passing of time? Or is it just a fairy tale found only in books and romantic movies?

Let me tell you a story about love

Many years ago, when I was only 22 years old, I was sitting on a hard wooden bench in a rundown train winding its way through the mountains of Peru. After many hours of the lurching motion, I had drifted off to a state halfway between waking and sleeping; when I had the most remarkable experience.

Although the wooden bench was empty except for me, I suddenly felt as if a beautiful woman was sitting next to me. She reached over and took my hand, and I felt an overwhelming feeling that she was just around the corner. She sat beside me for many minutes with such a feeling of intense love before gradually fading away.

Was it just a dream or a glimpse of my future? I still don’t know.

That strong feeling, that my soulmate was just around the corner and is almost within reach, stayed with me for several months. I met many women and kept asking myself is she the one? Somehow I always knew that it wasn’t.

Still, I knew my soulmate was just around the corner. Sure enough, about four months after the experience on the train, I met Sofan. She was living in a little apartment on the rough side of Chicago, painting her dreams.

The intensity of the experience as our hearts were opened in love to each other took us both by surprise. We were instantly transported together to an amazing place full of laughter, happiness and bliss.

We have been in this state now for many, many years. Our happiness together has survived parenting 3 children, countless travels, many financial ups and downs and many of the things that most couple in a relationship Touches Place in Communication experience, both good and bad.

Many people are constantly asking us, “What is the secret in keeping the love and passion alive in a relationship after so many years together?” We’ve given this question a lot of thought and now we’d like to share these secrets with you.

Secret 1 – Maintain the passion of falling in love

Do you remember when you first fell in love? Was it an amazing time when your passions burned so brightly that they were visible to everyone around you? Nothing else seemed to matter except the joy of being with the one you loved.

Too often, this flame burns very brightly for just a short time from the beginning of the relationship and then fades out when day to day busy lives take over. That raw passion diminishing over time is quite natural, as the relationship develops and grows into something greater. However it is essential not to let this flame die out completely. Make the time to do fun and romantic things together. Leave the kids at home, leave work where it belongs -at work, leave your friends behind and go spend “alone” time together.

Secret 2 – Communicate and share your dreams

Do you remember at the start of your relationship, when you were holding your lover in your arms and talking about your secrets and dreams? Some people manage to merge their dreams together into something which is achievable for both of them, and some let their dreams just fade away and die. A life without dreams is a very sad and dull thing indeed.

What is very important in maintaining a loving relationship is that one person’s dreams don’t overpower the other persons. A true loving relationship is one of support and sharing the load in helping your partner achieve their dreams. However, it has to work both ways.

Too often though, one person has a dream or a plan, and unconsciously assumes that their partner automatically shares this dream. It is very important to talk and communicate your dreams with your partner. The best way is when you can merge your lives into a shared dream. Understand that when two people dream their lives together, nothing can stand in their way.

Secret 3 – Create a shared home in your hearts together

Do you remember a special shared moment when you felt both of your hearts beating together in perfect synchronicity? Home is not just a physical place. It is a heartfelt space created when two people come together in a state of love and understanding. It a special place filled with warm and nurturing feelings where both people feel safe and secure.



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