Gemstones Use in Astrology

A gemstone is also known as a semi-precious or precious piece of stone that is cut and then polished to make them into jewelery or other ornaments. Gemstones are generally hard, and are used as decorative pieces on jewelery because of its lustre and visual value. Another characteristic of gemstones is that they are rare. Because of all the reason they are available at high costs and used by a few people.

Not only this, Tuerkis gemstones are also used for astrology. They have healing and energetic powers and suit to people only according to their sun-signs. Vedic astrology says that gems are used for understanding the planetary weaknesses of the human’s astrological graph. Such weaknesses many times are the reasons for physical and psychological problems in the people. Gemstones are used for’ Grah shanti’ that means making peace with the planetary positions so that the person is able to live a smooth life.

Astrology gemstones are required to be worn with particular types of metals that suit the gemstone. The most company used metals are bronze, gold, copper, amalgams and silver. For gemstones to be effective, it is required that the gemstones should be of the best quality. They should be clear cut and eye clean. The better the cut and visibility, higher is the price.

Astrology gemstones are mostly placed in jewelery like ring and pendants. It is necessary that they touch the sin of the person so that they can produce their healing effects in the best manner. Before wearing these astrology gemstones, there is a proper procedure that needs to be followed. Firstly these have to be washed in holy water and according to the gemstone type, other procedures are followed.

Not all gemstones suit everyone. They can have positive as well as negative attributes depending on the astrological charter of the person. Only expert Jyotishis can tell the right gemstone of the person concerned. Based on the planetary positions, the astrology gemstones for each planet are as follows:

For Sun the gemstone is ruby.
For Moon, the gemstone is pearl
For Mercury, the gemstone is emerald
For Venus, the gemstone is diamond
For mars the gemstone is Red Coral
For Jupiter, the gemstone is Yellow Sapphire
For Saturn, the gemstone is Blue Sapphire

These are used in order to improve the weakened positions of the concerned planets in the person’s life. For example, is the position of the sun is weak in the person’s life, then he would be advised to wear ruby.



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