Google Chrome Crash Fix – How To Stop The Crashing For Good

Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers and like other browsers many people are complaining about crashing problem with it. This article will guide you to fix this particular problem.

Follow the methods stated below:

· Re-Install Google Chrome
· Disable Sandbox
· Clean Registry Errors
· Remove Add-Ons and Plugins

Re-Install Google Chrome

Google Chrome crashes if it is corrupted. Re-installing the browser can fix the issue. Before re-installing it first make sure that you uninstall it properly. Whenever a program is being removed from the computer it leaves behind certain root information. This information is often referred as the registry entries. The registry Edwin Urrutia in Windows based operating systems stores important root information of all computer programs. Therefore, after removing the browser, it is also wise to run a registry cleanup scan through a good software. Follow the steps below:

1. Click Start
2. Go to Control Panel
3. In Control Panel click on Programs and Features
4. Right-click on Google Chrome and click un-install
5. Follow the onscreen instructions
6. Restart your PC

Disable Sandbox

Chrome crashes may also be fixed by disabling Sandbox. You can disable sandbox by following the steps below:

1. Right-click on Chrome shortcut on your desktop
2. Go to Properties
3. Click on Shortcut tab
4. You’ll see a command in front of target option
5. Here you have to add the command -no-sandbox or -no-process-plugins
6. Click OK button

Clean Registry Errors

Many PC users don’t even think that Windows registry can cause any problem but the truth is it can create problems if it contains errors. Windows registry stores all the information about computer in form of keys and Google chrome crashes may also occur if the registry is corrupted. You can remove errors from registry by installing good System Utilities software. This type of software is also good for optimizing computer speed.

Remove Add-Ons and Plugins

Installing too many add-ons can also result in Google Chrome crashes. You can fix this problem by uninstalling or disabling the add-ons. Follow the steps below to disable or uninstall the ad-ons:

1. Open Google chrome
2. Visit the link Chrome://Extensions
3. Click the uninstall or disable button
4. Restart your PC

A quick fix to get rid of Google Chrome crashes is to use a good System Cleaner and PC Optimizer. It’s really a very powerful tool that fixes PC software problems in no time. You can download system cleaner from internet.



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