Home Improvement – Drywall Finishing Tips

Congratulations, you’ve managed to hang your drywall without any major incidents! You might be feeling stressed over putting in the perfect finish, though. It’s a major stumbling block for most drywall do-it-yourselfers. Don’t tear your hair out; it’s never too late to learn new drywall finishing tips. It’s better to do something slowly and get it right the first time than to have to redo it later!

Drywall finishing tips stress the importance of a properly hung drywall. The drywall has to be tight against wall studs and ceiling joists. To test if screws have been sufficiently countersunk, slide a drywall knife across the fasteners. A metallic click will indicate a protruding screw. This tends to occur at where corners meet but can be rectified with a Philips screwdriver. Nails should be tapped just below the drywall surface with a drywall hammer.

The surface of the Drywall repair near me should be prepped for the final finish. Any loose or torn paper, as well as paper covering areas where the drywall has been crushed should be trimmed away before the compound is applied. Failure to do so can result in bubbling through or general marring of an otherwise smooth finish. Likewise, sealant should be applied to seal in any split fibers or chemicals that may stain the final finish.

Patience is a key when it comes to applying drywall compound, or mud. The compound has to be mixed slowly and thoroughly with a small amount of water, using a drill or hand-operated tool to mix it to the consistency of cake icing. Excess water will dilute the compound’s strength and durability. Allow each layer to dry completely before applying a third and final layer of compound. A good primer should always be applied to a finished drywall before it is painted. This prevents issues like joint banding and textural problems from showing up if paint is applied without a primer.

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