There are literally thousands of things you can do in Houston, and the mild temperate climate throughout the year makes outdoor activities that much more enjoyable. One great and fun-filled thing you can do with your friends or loved one is to take a ride in a hot air balloon. In my travels, I had the opportunity to visit a couple of the outfitter in the Houston area that offer these adventures, and wanted to share with you some of the finer reasons to go on one of these excursions.

Houston is a beautiful city to begin with, as I discovered back in early 2005 on a business trip. There are plenty of reasons to visit this great city, from museums to architecture, and a rich cultural history. Many would think that one of the largest cities in the world wouldn’t offer many outdoor activities of a bustling city, but you would be mistaken to think there is not plenty of adventure sports to do in the area.

One of the first providers I visited in my quest for a great ride was called Texas napa ballon rides Adventurers, in the northern part of the city. They have been in business for over 10 years, they are affiliated with most of the main organizations involved in the hot air ballooning world. Their chief pilot has flown for a long time, and is long respected in the industry as a leading pilot.

They conduct several balloon flights a week, depending on the weather of course. With any balloon ride, there are a number of factors to consider. One, the winds must be fairly light, not to exceed 5 – 10 mph or so. This is simply because of the construction of the balloon, and to make it more controllable. Also, as per FAA regulations, the sky must be relatively clear, with a minimum ceiling of around 1000 feet to make it legal.


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