Mobile Coupons Are an Effective Addition to Customer Loyalty Programs

Mobile marketing can be used lindstrom coupon in so many ways to keep customers coming back. These include: mobile coupons, product updates, advertising new product lines and services, etc… Mobile is the only marketing tool that can instantly and directly reach customers anywhere at anytime. This gives marketers the ability to connect and influence customers at the right time. For example, a restaurant can instantly send a text coupon mid-morning to drive a large lunch crowd in the afternoon. The customer will not have to do anything but show up and display the message to the waiter. Better yet, mobile text messaging is a much lower cost than print and has a higher read rate than email.

Even though mobile is a hot, new form of advertising, not all customers will want to receive text messages from merchants. This is why you still need alternative lines of communication. Almost all SMS delivery services have an opt-in feature in order to receive messages. Giving customers a choice to opt-in is very necessary. You do not want to chase customers away by adding them to your text list. Like they say, different strokes for different folks. Some people will prefer email and some mobile text messages. That’s why an effective loyalty program will have all the options for all the different preferences. There is no doubt any business should have a text message line of communication offered to their customers.

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