Ideally, it is a common tradition to send or offer flowers to the family of the deceased; it is the most appropriate gesture, according to the funeral etiquette. Besides brightening up the ambience and filling up the place with a fragrance of newness, they also fill one with hope and positivity. However, there are two types of floral contributions one can make – funeral flowers and sympathy flowers. The basic difference between the two is quite evident from their respective terms; one must offer the funeral flowers as a token of respect, paid particularly to the departed. For the immediate family of the deceased, it is more appropriate to send sympathy flowers with a condolence card.

However, be careful while choosing the flowers and floral arrangements. Pick large and formal bouquets or wreaths for the funeral and mid-sized arrangements otherwise. Traditionally, white is the chosen colour at such times. However, these days, colourful arrangements are permissible with the inclusion of white flowers in them. You can consider offering favourite flowers either of the deceased or of the recipient to add a special touch.

Sometimes, the grieving family requests for gifts, instead of flowers. Nevertheless, it is a time when you can express your genuine love and care for the grief stricken family. Hence, the gifts, which you bring, should be a token of heartfelt condolences, a beautiful and amazing keepsake, which reminds the recipient of the departed. There is a variety of gifts, surprisingly perfect for the time of bereavement. Many families cherish memorial gifts, whether you personalize them or just let them be.
Wind Chimes: The calming sound of wind chimes has proven to provide comfort to the heartbroken bodies and fill one with optimism and promise. Many even believe that wind chimes have the power to ward off negative energy as well. This is why wind chimes make a lovely memorial gift for the family of the deceased. When you buy a wind chime, make sure that it matches the décor of their house. Be careful that, whether you choose a wooden chime, metallic chime or a ceramic chime, it is in tune and makes a perfect harmonious sound. If the wind chime is too heavy, it may not chime, but if it is too light, it may not withstand the strong force of the wind. Hence, keep in mind that the weight of the chime also matters.

Candles & Candle Stands: They are, without a doubt one of ideal memorial gifts New perfume one can give and receive. Burning a candle in memory of someone is a nice way to remember him or her every day. These days, one can personalize candles and candle stands according to one’s desire. A lovely ceramic bowl candle stand, with tea light candle is both a classy and modest choice.

Photo Gift: Gifting pictures of the deceased, which the rest of the family had never seen before, is truly a thoughtful gesture on your part. Place the picture in an elaborate photo frame to give the present a nicer touch. Select a frame, which matches the photograph and is in accord with their décor. You can even give picture lockets as remembrance jewellery.

Plants: Plants symbolize life and nurturing, hence, are an extremely considerate memorial gift. You can buy either a small plant for the windowsill or a bush for the garden. However, memorial plant seeds are available in the retail market and online stores, which one can plant and nurture with utmost love and care.
Toys for Kids: Demise in the family is the hardest on the kids; it takes its toll directly or indirectly. To make it easier for kids, gift them soft toys, which they can hug, play and sometimes share their thoughts too.


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