Residential Treatment Centers For Troubled Teens

If you have a teenager in trouble, as a parent you will have thought about treatment. You may have considered a boot camp or a military school. You will need to know the exact nature of your child’s problem and the type of programs on offer at boot camps and military schools. But there is another alternative known as a residential therapeutic school. They are for full time residents; they offer academic tuition, therapy and social development skills. In fact a therapeutic boarding school may be the ideal solution to meet the needs of your son or daughter.

The word therapeutic in the title gives you an indication that these boarding schools put a strong emphasis on therapy and counseling. They employ psychologists, counselors and behavioral therapists. They have these professional staff members on call so that should a crisis arise, the teen in trouble is able to receive support almost immediately. And when the fentanyl withdrawal timeline school’s timetable is in full swing, it includes personal therapy and counseling as well as sessions in small groups. Whatever the problem encountered by your teenager, this type of school is likely to have the solution.

And it’s the atmosphere of the school which is also most beneficial. The therapists don’t restrict their interaction with the teenage residents to therapy sessions. The staff members mingle with the kids at meal times and on social occasions so as to observe their patients and to build a friendship and respect that helps in many ways. In fact it’s often the case that residents make new friends at these boarding schools and that these friendships continue once the kids return home. In some cases the bonding has been so successful there are alumni groups for graduates of certain therapeutic boarding schools.

Academically these schools differ from most others. Class sizes are small, even smaller than those in prestigious schools. This means those teens who have struggled at school get personal attention. There is even after hours’ tuition. Students are free to excel in those subjects they do well and get one on one assistance in their weaker subjects. This total program of therapy, education and socializing all adds up to the complete makeover of the residents. They learn skills, grow in confidence and return home a new and better human being. Sure, the cost is a major factor but what price can you put on the health and happiness of your child?

One potential stumbling block to the success of a teenager attending this type of school is the lack of support or clashing once they return home. Many of these schools have a program which aims to educate the family of the teen. This allows the parents and siblings to be fully aware of what will happen at the boarding school and what needs to happen when the ‘new’ family member returns home. Little is left to chance with the aim being to get the very best out of every resident and to ensure their progress continues in the weeks, months and years that lie ahead.


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