Saving Money Tips – Don’t Be Afraid to Use Discount Vouchers-Dockets

I know a great number of people who shudder when they see someone produce a voucher or docket so that they get a discount off the full price of something. I really can’t understand why they feel that way. After all, if the retailer didn’t want to give you a discount they wouldn’t have produced the voucher/docket in the first place.

Let’s think about this. The retailer is trying to get new / increased business and as we all know the best way to get business in the door is to offer something attractive. This might be a buy one get one free, it might be a percent discount off the full price, it might be buy this and get that free. So they are inviting you in and they want you to come along and use their voucher/docket. When you do, you are making them feel good as they know that their marketing campaign is actually working.

So why not make a concerted effort to try and find yourself some vouchers?

What is stopping you:

  • Afraid you will look like a cheap skate? Who cares! You are being careful with your money and not spending more than you have to. There is nothing wrong with being in control of your money and not wasting it.
  • Ashamed to hand over the voucher / docket? Don’t be. As mentioned at the start of this article, the retailer actually wants you to come to them and to take them up on their offer.
  • Worried what your friends will think? If they are your true friends, they won’t care if you use a voucher/docket to pay for something. By getting a discount and paying less you are going to be the one who will achieve other goals and dreams in your life and it will then be time for your friends to be really jealous of your successes.
  • Keep forgetting your vouchers? Keep them in a place in your wallet/purse / car or somewhere handy at home so you will see them and remember to use them.

Jump online and see what you can find. Browse around and see what is of interest to you. Start to take notice of what is printed on the back of your shopping docket. You might be quite surprised to see how many businesses are out there offering you some attractive options to get takeaway voucher codes you in their door. Accommodation, Attractions, Beauty, Fashion, Flowers, Hobbies, Music, Restaurants, Vets are just a few of the many categories offering discounts.

Why pay full price for something if you don’t need to!

If you can cut your spending down, it gives you more money for other things in your life. Use vouchers/dockets and save money for the future. Or don’t use them and miss out on things. The choice is yours!

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