Soft Hands – How to Make Your Hands Really Soft

Hands are the second most abused part of the human body (after your skin). When you think about what you put them through everyday it’s amazing they look as good as they do. But don’t worry there are things you can do to keep your hands in good shape despite the washing, shopping, cleaning and cooking. Here are some simple hand care tips which will keep your hands looking younger and softer for longer.

1. Protect. When you are using harsh chemicals like bleach and detergents always wear rubber gloves. The gloves help protect hands from these harsh chemicals and will keep your hands from losing there natural softness.

2. Moisturize. Just before you go to bed apply moisturizer to the skin. When you wake up in the morning you will find your skin beautiful and soft.

3. Exfoliate. Use a nice soft face exfoliator on your hands at least once a week. Rub the exfoliator on the back of your hands and then rub over your knuckles and between your fingers. Use a circular motion and gently work the exfoliator in to the hand to remove any dead skin. Repeat the process on the palms of your hands. If you have particularly dry skin you may need to do this everyday.

4. Washing. Use a nice mild soap or hand wash every morning. After Soft washing towel dry your hands with a soft flannel by patting off the excess water. Then apply moisturizer, try to find a moisturizer that contains lactic acid and urea, both are natural moisturizers and help bind moisture to the skin.

5. Exercise. Give your hands a simple workout every morning. Take a stress ball and squeeze it at least ten times in each hand. Exercising the hands improves circulation and helps maintain the shape of your hands and fingers and will help prevent wrinkles.

6. Nail Polish. Try not to apply too much nail polish remover. Nail polish remover contains some harsh ingredients that can discolour the nails and may even leave them fragile.

7. Manicure. Try to have a professional manicure at least once a month. A manicure will not only help improve the overall look of the nails and hands but will also help prevent fragile tips, splits and cuts. A manicure can also aid the healing of broken skin around the nail. In addition the massage that often accompanies a manicure enhances circulation in the hands. (see above)

By following these simple tips you can help to keep the natural beauty of your hands. You may not think so but your hands are one of the most noticeable parts of your body, yet most women neglect them not giving them a second thought until there is a problem like a dry skin or a split nail. Don’t neglect your hands look after them everyday and they will still look good long into old age.


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