What Constitutes a Good Aviation Headset?

When you search for Aviation equipments, the first thing that comes to the mind is to buy a good aviation headset. When you operate any aircraft without a proper headset then you are sure to find it uncomfortable or it may even damage your ears. And finding the right custom vr viewers headset is not easy. You have to ask suggestions and read reviews and know about them in detail before you purchase one. The headsets come in different designs and prices. These are tools which allow the pilot to communicate freely to the traffic control and it also eliminates the noise. The aviation headset should be of best quality and latest technology to give you a better experience. The telex headsets and the peltor headsets are considered to be the best headset for the following factors.

Certain factors that comprise a good aviation set:

Noise reduction

The major factor you should consider is that your headset should provide you with the better passive noise reduction. The new technology to this is the active noise reduction. This in particular reduces the low frequency noises, like the engine sounds. The main reason why one needs a headset is to keep your hearing so a good head is that how far it reduces noise from getting you. The one with the better noise reduction is sure to make a best aviation headset. Sound is the most major thing to consider when you choose to fly. Telex headset provides you with the best protection and also at the same time you can enjoy the ambient sounds.

 Quality microphones and speakers

The second major thing of a good headset is that it should help you to communicate with ease and also clearly, with the help of an intercom, when talking to any other flight service. This is made possible only with the quality microphones and speakers. These headsets are not like the normal ones that are used to hear music, the best aircraft headsets should manage with the pressure changes caused due the altitude changes. The headset should withstand any extreme of temperature and also humidity. The best aviation headsets are made up of metal diaphragms and not the diaphragms made of paper. The peltor headset gives you the best microphones that provide you the best comfort and is available with compact design.


The aviation headset should be comfortable so that they can last as many hours you flight takes. If the headsets are tight you may suffer from headaches and it may also become a strain to your shoulders and neck. So the weight of these headsets should not be heavy. The padding in a headset also is important. Padding is more important for your ears. The materials used in the headset are more important when you think about comfort. The metal headsets are comparatively heavier than the plastic one but they are more adjustable. Many prefer gel pads as they provide better cushioning than foam but they are considerably heavy.


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