What Is Agarwood and What Is It Used For?

Agarwood is an aromatic, pitchy or resinous wood that occasionally occurs in trees that belong to the Thymelaeceae family, Aquilaria genus. Aquilaria trees are archaic, fast-growing tropical forest trees, which occurs in Southeast and South Asia, from the Himalayan foothills to the Papua New Guinea rainforests. The tree grows at an altitude of a couple of meters above sea level to almost 1000 meters in natural forests, and at best, it grows about 500 meters. It can grow on a variety of Oud Oil, which includes poor sandy soil. Seedlings need a lot of water and shade.

These trees start produced seeds and flowers as early as 4 years old, and grow very fast. The Agarwood, which is much sought-after, is apparently produced by at least 15 species of Aquilaria trees. In South Asia, India is where Aquilaria achalloga is particularly found, Aquilaria malaccensis mostly grows in Indonesia and Malaysia, and Aquilaria crassna mainly grows in Indochina. Several other species that are known to produce Agarwood include Aquilaria chinesis, Aquilaria grandfolia, etc.


For thousands of years, Agarwood, which is also known as the “Wood of the Gods”, has been highly appreciated and traded. This resinous wood is used for medicinal purposes as incense, and in the distilled form, it is used as a perfume component and perfume. Apart from native countries, China, Japan, the Middle East, Taiwan, and Thailand are some other countries where it is widely known. In the Middle East, it is used by faith healers at curative ceremonies. In Japan, flowers and Agarwood oil is donated by pilgrims to Shinto-Buddhist temples. In Mekong delta communities, Vietnamese religious groups must bring Agarwood to ceremonies at temples.

Other Agarwood Oil Uses


As mentioned, Agarwood oil is used in perfumery. Agarwood is used as a base by Amouage and Yves Saint Laurent in their most exclusive perfumes.


In Malaysia, Agarwood oil is used to add flavor to curries, and in Taiwan, it is used as an aromatic ingredient in the local wines.


In comparison to other essential oils, Agarwood is the most potent aphrodisiac.


Agarwood oil contains a natural component, Valerian, which functions to clam the nervous system and relieve insomnia, to allow a person to have a longer, deeper sleep.


In Wicca, Agarwood is used for spirituality and love, and is also used in variety of powerful magical formulas for drawing a lover near.


First-grade Agarwood is extremely valuable. Depending on cultural disposition and geographical location, an entire range of qualities of Agardwood and related products are available in the market. The prices of Agardwood range from a couple of dollars to more than $30000 for top quality Agarwood and Agardwood oil or Oud oil. In Vietnam, Aquilaria crassna is regarded as an endangered species, and IUCN, the World Conservation Union, has listed A. malaccensis endangered.


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