Why is My Child’s Teacher Diagnosing ADHD?

What looks like a teacher diagnosing ADHD may just be that the teacher sees signs in your child and is alerting you to this. If your child is called a daydreamer, if they can’t sit still, or is impulsive it could be ADHD. Every child exhibits these behaviors at some point. It is only after specific tests and assessments done by professionals and a complete physical will the diagnosis of ADHD be made.

You should first know what signs the teacher is looking at that prompts the thought your child might be attention defecit disorder. As your child enters school they are required to sit in a seat, listen to the teacher’s directions and then do the work. Most children adjust fairly well after awhile. Your child, if ADHD is the problem, cannot help being fidgety, have problems with following directions and with completing their work. They also cannot help being impulsive and calling out answers or doing things without thinking.

ADHD cannot be cured at this point but it can be managed, usually with a combination of therapies. Pharmaceutical treatments including stimulants are often used to relieve symptoms of ADHD. There are however, very harmful side effects attached to stimulants.

When your child first begins taking stimulants they can make them have sleepless nights, make them irritable, and a decreased appetite. If your child takes them for an extended length of time they are more likely to suffer with depression and substance abuse as adults. The cost can be prohibitive as well.

If you want to avoid the side effects of stimulants, you might want to look into the holistic approach to ADHD. It works by bringing your child’s mind, emotions, and physical states into harmony. When this happens your child will be able to focus more, be less distractible, hyperactive, and impulsive.

Natural supplements that are made with specific herbs that help to relieve your child’s symptoms are often used. These supplements also have vitamins and minerals in them.

They are free from side effects and they are safe for anyone. They can be used for long periods without ill effects.

The supplement industry is not regulated so it is imperative that the ADHD supplement you choose for your child is first made a certified homeopath and second FDA approved. This will help to ensure that you are getting a safe supplement.


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