Wiccans – Who Are They?

Wicca – The True Understanding of the Divine power

Wicca, which is widely known as the witchcraft, is falsely implicated as a collection of outrageous and unnatural acts. But, the concept beneath each and every aspects of Wicca has a meaning for it and, unlike the cranky portrayal of this wonderful custom; it is filled with complete spiritual understanding of this universe and the divine power that created this universe.

Wicca followers, who are widely known as Wiccan Altar Table, believe in a single godly power, the Great Goddess. The Great Goddess has split into polarities, the Mother Goddess and the God, to express the real cosmos down to the level of earthly creatures, the Human beings. The Great Goddess is also portrayed in three different forms, Maiden Goddess who express Virginity, the Mother Goddess who express Fertility and the Crone Goddess who express wisdom.

Wicca – The Symbol, the Divine Feminine and Masculine

The three forms of the Goddess depicts the three stages of a human life, where your mind will be free of everything, without the knowledge of good and bad, when you are born and growing (Virgin). When you gain knowledge and started doing something of your own, you will start to feel the power to do something in the middle ages (Mother). When the clear mind is occupied and after things were done using power, the mind will search for the real truth behind everything at the old ages (Crone). This is also why the Wiccan symbol resembles the three stages of a moon, namely waxing moon, full moon and waning moon that symbolizes the same meaning as the above.

The Divine Masculine, the equal but opposite polarity of the Mother Goddess, is the horned God, who depicts the acts of Human nature that involves power such as, wilderness, sexuality and hunting. The Symbol depicts the powerful waning moon over a full moon, which is the idealistic resemblance of the manly power over the Feminine power. Also, the God is horned to express the life force in the wild and in the animals. Even if it seems like he can overpower Mother Goddess, the Goddess remain to be the supreme power, with only power of Hunting and wilderness left behind for the God.

Wicca – The Truth behind Witchcrafts

The Wiccan is based on five elements of nature which are Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit. The pentagram which is widely known all over the world as the Witch Symbol is a symbolization of these five elements, the top pointing edge being the spirit. But the use of inverted star by Satanists made it gain fame in the negative way. The witchcraft is not practiced as seen in the movies and other media, where it is shown as an outrageous, revengeful and sickening behaviour. Rather, it is an act performed to unite one’s self with the cosmic energy to raise the cone power or the healing power and spread it across to others for healing, protecting and other magickal purposes.

The Witchcraft is performed in a circle, which is ritually cast and purified by invocation of the Guardians in one edge and along with the other four elements of nature as mentioned above. After the casting of the circle, the rituals are performed by saying prayers to the Goddess and the God, working spells and raising cosmic energy by means of a cone of power. The tools that are to be included in the rituals are an athame – a knife, a wand, a pentacle and a chalice, each having its own reason and symbolization.

After a day’s fast and a ritual bathe is undergone, the Guardian or the Wiccan who performs the rituals, enters the purified circle, which usually contains a set of magic tools like a besom – a broom stick, a cauldron, candles, incense and a boline – a curved blade, each having its unique meaning for its presence and are placed in a central altar, where depictions of the Goddess and the God will be placed along with them. These practices are majorly performed during Esbats – new moons or sometimes during Sabbats – full moons, of the Wiccan calendar known as the Wheel of the Year, because, those days are considered to be most appropriate days to communicate with the heavenly and cosmic forces of godly nature.

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