Progressive Dentistry Uses Dental Digital Sensor Tools

Good and progressive dentists would consider progressive tools in their practice. Hence, it is not surprising that there would be the use of dental digital sensors, patient monitors, oral cameras and other advance technological tools at a progressive dental clinic.

Scope of services

A dentist can be engaged in a variety of dental Debonding Plier Straight treatments. These include cavity filling, tooth whitening, tooth X-ray, crowning, dentures and braces as well as dental cosmetic surgeries. Dentists who perform dental X-rays may want to consider an upgrade of digital over film option although the digital investment might cause many dentists to hesitate.

However, research proves a 15% increase in their dental practice that would cover the investment cost. Digital X-rays use sensitive sensors that offer a more accurate display of the tooth and oral condition for a better decision to enhance the productivity of the dentist. This enhanced performance would increase the patients’ confidence on the dentist which leads to a more stable client base.

Modern technology in the dental environment is allowing dentists to expand their scope of services more efficiently to be more productive. Digital dental tools are easier to use and manage with more effectiveness.

Digital options

The traditional film X-ray is time consuming where one must wait for the X-ray to be developed whereas a dental digital X-ray speeds up the dental treatment significantly. The extra time saved can be used to treat another patient to benefit the practice.

The cost of the X-ray film would add on to the cost of the dental practice; besides the chemicals needed to develop the film and the processing time. Staff time on the film processing is also a high cost to dentists if this dental treatment is high in volume in the practice.

Viewing the X-rays immediately using digital dental X-rays is more efficient and convenient using any computer. Patients’ X-rays and intra oral images can also be viewed digitally and stored over a longer period of time.

Dental digital sensors are available in many modern day dental tools that have embraced modern technology. Hence, it is common to have digital intra oral cameras, dedicated patient monitors and digital radiography to assist the dentist in making a more effective dental treatment decision and better performance at work.

Digital sensor based dental tools are impactful to the dentist and patient as the patient is assured of a better effect. The intra oral camera and the patient monitor enable both the patient and dentist a clear viewing of the patient’s oral condition for better decision making on viable dental treatments.


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