Addiction help can be acquired from credible rehab centers or treatment facilities. You should be aware that the services provided by different rehab and treatment facilities vary greatly. Therefore, you really have to carefully assess the available treatment options. Make sure to choose the center that will be able to satisfy the addict’s rehabilitation and medical needs. Generally, treatment centers can be classified into two major types — the public and private rehab centers.

Public rehabs are state-funded treatment centers structured to service the general public. These treatment centers get their financial funding from the government, and are usually more spacious than most of the private Rehab Admission centers. However, admission to public rehab centers can be very challenging due to a great number of applicants who also seek for low-cost or free rehab treatments. That being said, most of the people applying for admission in public rehab centers need to wait for a long time before they get approved.

Most federal-funded rehab centers have long waiting lists and are typically over-crowded. Apart from that, patients are not given individualized care since most of these facilities lack medical staff. With an overwhelming number of patients to attend to, it is difficult for the healthcare personnel to keep track of everything. Hence, poor quality of care is often observed.

On the contrary, private rehab centers provide 24-hour patient monitoring, a peaceful environment, well-trained healthcare professionals, and individualized rehab programs. However, the functional amenities and great quality of service that they offer will of course always come with a price. As compared to state funded rehab centers, the cost of rehabilitation in private treatment facilities is much expensive. That is why not everybody can afford the on-going expenses that will be generated by the medical treatments and other rehab services that the patient has to undergo to.


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