How To Choose A Printer Right For You

Most people have some kind of printer because these days a printer is essential. But maybe your printer is old, broken or for what ever reason you want a new printer that’s where this article comes in it will hopefully help you to choose the right printer for you.

Before buying a new printer there are many questions to think about, finding the answers to these questions will help you to find the perfect printer for your needs. First thing you need to think about is what do I need this printer for? If you need to print many sheets in only black and white a laser printer would be the way to go. These are good for businesses because of their speed and durability, but they are a little pricey (starting at about 200). If you are a amateur or professional photographer and need to print pictures in excellent quality you would need a printer designed specially for your needs, again this type of printer is pricey (around 200-300) but they print amazing pictures. Most people fit in the middle of this spectrum. You probably need a printer for the whole family that will print in both black and white and in color without breaking your budget. The printer that you need is a ink-jet. These printers are great for families because they are very versatile and can do many different jobs and they are relatively inexpensive starting at about 100.

The next thing you need to know is do you just want a printer or do want a scanner, photocopier and fax with it. If you do want all of these things you will have to go with a multifunction printer, these printers can do all those things. And at about 300 it is cheaper to buy a multifunction printer than printer, scanner, fax and photocopier separately.

Another important point that most people overlook when sell my printer is, ink costs. Most people don’t think about it but what a lot of companies do is they make the printers dirt cheap and make the ink really expensive. So you could end up thinking you got a great deal but two new ink cartridges later you’ve spent more on ink than on the printer. To avoid this, after you’ve found a list of printers you like check online websites that sell printer ink and check which printer has the cheapest ink. A general tip here is buy the more expensive printer with the cheaper ink because you will end up saving more money over time. I have given some links that you can use to compare printer and ink prices at the bottom of this article.

You also have to decide where you want to buy your printer and ink from. Online stores offer cheaper prices but a local store will give you a hands-on view and usually better support for your printer in case some thing goes wrong. You can also check eBay for good deals on used printers and if you’re lucky sometimes on new ones too. When it comes to ink for your printer however online stores are usually always better because they offer the best prices and best selection.

A final small detail you want to make sure to not over look before you buy your printer is the ports on your computer. There are two ways printers connect to computers through a parallel cable or through a USB cable, the USB cable is faster but some of the older computers might not have a USB port. Most computers have a parallel port and almost all the new computers have a parallel port and a few USB ports but make sure you buy a printer that you can connect to your computer.


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